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Kingdom 5 KR- Benetti - 86,00 meter - 1980

Kingdom 5KR is a 85.65 metres (281.0 ft) superyacht owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.
The yacht was built in 1980 by the yacht builder Benetti at a cost $100 million (This is equivalent to $258,589,951 in 2009 and designed by Jon Bannenberg. Its initial interior was designed by Luigi Sturchio.
It was originally built as Nabila for Saudi billionaire, Adnan Khashoggi (named for his daughter). At the time of its construction it was one of the largest yachts in the world.
During its days as the Nabila it was featured in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, in which it was seen as the Flying Saucer (translated from Italian Disco Volante in the source novel, Thunderball), the villain's superyacht mobile HQ. It was also the inspiration for a track, Khashoggi's Ship, on the 1989 album by rock band Queen, The Miracle.
After Khashoggi ran into financial problems, he sold the ship in 1988 to the Sultan of Brunei, who in turn sold it to Donald Trump for $29 million. Trump renamed it the Trump Princess after retrofitting it.
When Trump ran into financial problems, he sold it to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal for $40 million in 1991.
The yacht's latest name stems from the Prince's investment company, Kingdom Holding Company, his lucky number (5), and his children's initials ('K' and 'R').
The ship has a beam of 13.25 metres (43.5 ft), a draught of 4.72 metres (15.5 ft) and fuel capacity of 515,000 litres (136,000 gallons).
When it was delivered it had five decks, a disco, a cinema with seats for 12 and 2 double beds, 11 opulent suites, a helipad on top (its smoke stacks are sloped outward to avoid interference with the helicopters), a pool with a water jet on top in front of the heliport, 2 Riva tenders, a crew of 48, a top speed of 20 knots, and cruising speed of 17.5 knots

Arabian Business ( writes about the prince:
For the sixth year in succession, HRH Prince Alwaleed tops our Rich List. And not only that, but against an economic downturn HRH has actually managed to increase his wealth in the last twelve months by nearly a billion dollars to $18bn.

We may be in the middle of the worst recession in living memory, but our calculations suggest that HRH will top our rich list for several more years to come. It is the latest remarkable achievement of a remarkable career.

Last year, in co-operation with his office, we were able to make the most detailed assessment ever of his HRH's wealth. This was broken down into five areas: first, the publicly traded stocks, which all fall under Kingdom Holding Company. Second, the major companies outside KHC (namely Rotana and LBC) which come to $1.6bn, and a smaller engineering concern valued at just $11m. Third is the Prince's real estate, at exactly $3.196bn.

Fourth, other major assets valued at $1.679bn. A large chunk of this - $822m - is the value of his transportation assets (including planes and cars).

The rest is made up by his jewellery collection, his investment in a French port and his stakes in Lebanese and Palestinian companies. The fifth part of his wealth is held entirely in cash deposited at various banks.

On December 14 this year, the market value of Kingdom Holding was $7.9bn, slightly lower than last year's figure of $7.98bn.

However with a revaluation of his cash held in banks and also of the major assets held by HRH, our new figure this year comes in at exactly $18bn.

As with last year, this figure has been verified by HRH's private office as being accurate according to their own figures.

Technical information

Yacht type: Motor Yacht

Length Overall (m): 86.00 Length Overall (ft): 282.15
Length On Deck (m): Length On Deck (ft):
Length Waterline (m): Length Waterline (ft):
Beam (m): 13.20 Beam (ft): 43.31
Draught Max (m): 4.70 Draught Max (ft): 15.42

Shipyard: Benetti SpA
Year: 1980
Hull: FB 116
Port: Viareggio
Country: Italy

Naval Architect: Benetti SpA
Exterior Designer: Bannenberg & Rowell Design
Interior Designer: Luigi Sturchio

Hull Material: Steel
Superstructure: Aluminium

Class Comments: Lloyd's Register MCA: No

Guests: 22

Engines: 2 x3000 Nohab Polar diesels
Max Speed: 20 Cruise Speed: 17
Range: 8,500 Propulsion: Twin Screw

Fuel Capacity (Liters): 615,000 Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 162,483
Water Capacity (Liters): 181,000 Water Capacity (Gallons): 47,820
Source of technical information:

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